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From film to animation and any way of making things move.

I love to experiment in all ways of moving image and explore all the different way in which they can tell a story. Here is a selection of videos that I've created.

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Trophy - Got To Do (Visualiser)

This is a music video/visualiser for a song from Trophy's Liminal Space EP - Got To Do. Made with my own footage, after effects and google maps.

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Hyve Event Promotional Video

I used after effects to create this Kinetic typography & motion design promotional video for a Hyve event in London.

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Samurai Breaks - Full Body Workout EP (Promo Videos)

Using archive footage of the 80's aerobics trend to create this fun & cheesy collection of promotional videos. It helped cement bring a brand awareness to Samurai Breaks' fun and authentic way of making music. 

Moving Image: Video

Introducing LS29 Holiday Club

LS29 Holiday Club are an amazing charity and holiday club for children with additional needs. They needed this video to help communicate to families & potential investors what they do and who they are.

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